About Us

Encouraged by our love for pets, it is the intention of the Furry Brats Pet Resort family & staff to ensure that we provide the best of what we can offer for the total enjoyment and safety of pets and pet owners. As we have gathered several positive experiences encountered overseas where pets have a decent place in their world, we took note of everything that we could take home to create our own Philippine-style pet dreamland.

Our very own Bella, a maltese-yorkie mix, was imported into the Philippines. She has been missing her best-buddy, Sassy. They have shared the best of times together and hopefully one day they can reunite in Bella’s inspired creation of a dreamland for her own kind.

Unbelievable how humans’ heart could give so much love for their pets. These pets have engraved their strong presence to their respective human’s hearts and minds as a result of their unconditional love and attention. Now, it is our turn to provide them a special place where they can experience a short vacation with their own kind or even with their humans.

We love to have you experience the Philippine-style pet dreamland at Furry Brats Pet Resort. Halina po kayo…

Salamat po!