Register your Furry Brat

Before your pet can have an awesome experience at the resort, we need to know a few things about him or her.

Anti-rabies Vaccination Required
Please bring your pet's vaccination booklet as proof of vaccination. There is a waiting time of 30 days from date of administration for full effectivity of the Anti-Rabies vaccine.
Type of Vaccine Date Given Expiry Date
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For guests' safety and likewise for their best playtime experience, we need to know your pet's personality. Please check on the boxes that best describe their unique personality.

For the safety of all our guests and employees, we do not accept pets with behavioral issues such as aggressiveness (growling/biting) and also those unpredictable.

Mandatory Inspection
For the protection of all the guests in the house, we perform a flea & tick test, and observe pets with sneezing, coughing, nasal discharge, skin issues, and fever prior to acceptance of all incoming guests. Moreover, for pets "On-Heat”, it is a must that we are informed so we can make sure that your pet is not mixed up with male pets and maintain orderliness in the playground, as well.
Special Care Required
For pets with diabetes mellitus, they are put on a special care where their insulin administration is appropriately timed with their meals, and plenty of exercise. Their insulin, diabetic-specific food and treats must be provided upon check-in. A special handling fee for “Diabetic Care” is charged at P250 per day.
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