Furrent’s Nook Water Fun

Furrent’s Nook Water Fun

Experience the exceptional joyful time and memories you can create exploring in their pet wonderland! Dive in and try a new adventure with your brat! Pass includes an outdoor table for two Furrents.

Furrents are encouraged to join and manage their pets in the dry and wet playgrounds, including around the pool area to ensure safety during pet’s socialization.

Important: Please note that your pet must be fully vaccinated (anti-rabies and 5/6/7/8-in-one) and you will be asked to provide proof of their latest vaccinations. This is for the safety of all other guests and our staff as well. Pets with missing or outdated vaccine shots will not be allowed entry.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellation with full deposit refund is allowed up to 24 hours prior to your appointment.

Do-It-Yourself Water Fun

New “DIY Service” at a more affordable rate!

  • 2-hour session
  • Fee is for 1 brat plus 1 companion in the pool
  • Bath not included
  • Bring your own towels and toiletries
  • Blow-dry rental available
  • Pet floater and water toys
  • Price starts at 399/brat in our Bacoor branch and 499/brat in our Pasig branch

From 399/brat (Bacoor)

Premium Water Fun

Worry-free fun time which includes pet handling in and around the pool.

  • Pet handling and assistance
  • 2-hour session including bath and towel dry
  • 1 companion in the pool
  • Pet floater and water toys
  • Price starts at 599/brat

From 599/brat

Frequently Asked Questions

We are open daily from 8AM to 5PM.
Yes, but please contact us before you visit to make sure there’s an open slot for you.
Yes, we are open during most holidays but there is a 25% surcharge on top of the basic rates.
The Furrent’s Nook Water Fun service is a non-exclusive service, meaning there’s a good chance that you will be sharing the place with other guests during your stay.

If you want a private setting where you’ll get exclusive access to our facilities, please refer to the Party Venue Rental service.
Yes! As long as there’s no history of aggression towards strangers (people and other pets), they are welcome at Furry Brats Pet Resort. However, for the safety of our other guests and staff, your brat might need to be on a leash for the duration of his/her playtime.
We require all brats who will be using our facilities to have updated anti-rabies and 5/6/7/8-in-1 vaccinations. Proof of vaccinations must be submitted after confirming your booking schedule or you may opt to present them at the reception on the day of your visit.

Furry Brats Pet Resort reserves the right to deny entry to pets who will fail to present their proof of updated vaccinations, or display aggression towards others.
Yes, for a minimal fee of P50/head (pets & furrents), you may enjoy dining and use of playground for 2 hours.
Yes, you may bring your own food or have your food delivered straight to the resort without additional fees.
Yes! Pool access for 1 furparent is included in the fee and there is a P50 (P100 weekend rate) for each additional companion’s pool fee.
No it is not. Water temperature depends on the weather and time of day.
We clean and sanitize the whole place, not just the pool, during opening and closing times and in between play sessions. If our guests are big furballs (e.g. Huskies), then we also clean the pool during playtime to minimize the amount of fur in the water.

The pool water is regularly checked and tested to ensure that it is clean and safe for all our guests.
We are very safety conscious and we try to match brats according to breeds and sizes. However, there are cases when brats just do not get along with each other so they will be required to be on a leash, assisted by their companions during the duration of their playtime.

For large breeds, the pool can easily accommodate 5 dogs and about 8-10 small breeds.
It’s always better to arrive 10-15 minutes early so your pets can have some time to relax from the trip and walk around the playground while waiting for their turn at the pool.

Unfortunately, we cannot extend your playtime even if you arrive late because our staff needs to clean and sanitize the place for the next batch of guests.
No outside blow dryer is allowed in the resort. Bath with towel dry is included in the Brat’s Water Fun (Furrent’s Nook) service and you can have your pets blow-dried for a minimal fee. We are also making available a pet blower rental service so you could use our professional blow dryers to dry your own pets for a fraction of the cost.
While Furry Brats Pet Resort is located inside a private subdivision, there are still several routes that you can take so please view our Getting to Furry Brats page and can choose which route is the easiest for you.