Party Venue Rental

Party Venue Rental

Discover a place where you and your pets can go to a pet paradise to celebrate special occasions! At Furry Brats Pet Resort, you will have a blast playing with your brats.

Have fun at the pool and the wet & dry playgrounds especially designed for your brats while spending quality time with your family and friends.

Explore all the exciting activities that you can do together with your pets. It is their kingdom after all!

Price starts at P4,000 up for the 3-hour exclusive event. A third of the package price per hourly extension rate.

Venue Rental Package includes 16 guests (combined count of pets and humans). P300 per additional guests. Maximum of 35 guests.

Souvenir gift included

Subject to availability, and terms and conditions.
Advance booking required of at least 72 hours.
No food supplied.
Tables & chairs will be provided.
On a first-come / first-serve basis
Party Venue Rental Rules will be stated in the Rental Agreement.

Reserve your Special Date

  • Exclusive access to the pool and playgrounds
  • Includes resort pass for up to 16 guests
  • 3-hour party time
  • No corkage
  • Tables and chairs provided
  • Free Furry Brats Pet Resort souvenir item

You may add guests for a fee of P300 each. The pool can comfortably accommodate 4-10 pets at one time depending on their sizes. There are two other playgrounds, aside from the pool that can handle 10 pets each comfortably.
Yes, cost will be a third of the agreed contract rate for each hour of extension, subject to whether the next
hours to your event are still open for extension.
We shall follow the 3 hours agreed time stated on the contract. You may have to extend if the next hours are open, for a
third of the contract price for each additional hour.
No, you may bring in food or have your food delivered at no additional cost.
Of course! You will be allowed to begin decorating 30 minutes prior to the start of your party.
Free use of pet floaters, tables, chairs, and sound system. Resort crew will be available to assist, if needed.
  • Accomplished Party Venue Rental Agreement
  • 50% down payment. Cancellation notice of at least 72 hours for full refund
  • Updated vaccination records of all pet guests
    Yes, we provide additional service for above requests. No outside blow-dryer allowed in
    the resort. We charge for electricity and manpower. There is a DIY commercial blow dryer
    available for rent for P5/min.
    Just click the Book Now button at the right side of this page and select your preferred date and time of your 3-hour exclusive event. Please make sure you meet all the stated requirements.